I play several instruments. Together with my family we play recorder. I have three grown-up daughters, Alexandra Lindblad, Elin Krajewski and Ingrid Albertsson with their families, so the occasions for playing together are holy and rare compared to former times. We play above all baroque and renaissance music. I also play the violin and the piano. Sometimes I play the organ at our local church, Maria Magdalena.


My sense of humour always helps me. I get a perspective and there are so many amusing things around me that happen or are said. It is incredible. I collect them in a book and I have written together with my daughter Elin Krajewski Family conversation - some situations when the children were small. It is in Swedish.


I am member of several societies. Royal Physiographic Society is a society for scientists within natural science, technique and medicine. We meet and listen to lectures and also arrange scientific meetings. Ă–sterlen Academy is an academia with 18 members, professors at the university, doctors, and artists. We meet, eat good food and write books together. Lund-Nevers society is a society where we talk French and eat French food and listen to nice lectures. I am also a member of Women Academia, where we remember the brave women who made our career possible in this exciting world of science. The Soroptimist women meet once a month for a good dinner and for a lecture and the wish to help the poor world. The Veteran chapel contains former members of the Academic chapel. We play together, the best is when we all meet and give concerts.
Rotary Laurentius is meeting every Monday for a good lunch and an exciting lecture.